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A biometric software product for increasing the level of security at the facility during video surveillance
A biometric software product for biometric identity verification in access control and management systems
A biometric software product for displaying personalized media content
A biometric software product with facial recognition for reliable identity check
A biometric software product with facial recognition that expands the electronic queue systems with personalized services for visitors
A software product that provides simple and reliable working time and attendance by identifying faces using tablets, IP cameras, or terminals
A biometric software product with robust user authentication for unlocking a device or gaining access to operating systems or apps
A biometric software product with facial recognition that provides enhanced communication with clients
A biometric software product that provides a reliable and quick check of the gym clients access right without employee’s participation
A new level of work with visitors and employees of Business centers opened with the help of biometric products
Biometrics for convenient service to citizens, including remote monitoring of the quality of personnel work
Biometric monitoring of working hours and additional security tools for industrial facilities
Modern methods of biometric analytics for safe operation of sports facilities
Convenient and secure transport solutions based on the digital identity of the passenger
Biometric solutions for a new level of security and interaction with visitors
Biometric video Analytics for targeted marketing and personnel control in distributed networks
Biometric products for proctoring and video surveillance systems in educational institutions
Keyless biometric access to rooms, targeted approach to each client and information about the time of work for employees
Necessary tool for the security and competitiveness of a modern Bank
Improving the level of security, speed of investigations and timely prevention of illegal acts in the urban public space
Customer-oriented solutions, acceleration of the work process of the registry area, control of the staff of the entire institution
RecFaces makes facial biometrics simple and applicable. We provide a wide range of ready-made biometric solutions for businesses to upgrade their security and technological efficiency.
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Enriching the capabilities of classic ACS with biometric facial identification

Enriching the capabilities of classic ACS — RecFaces

RecFaces' portfolio includes several biometric solutions based on facial recognition technology that have been used in various sectors of industry and economy worldwide.

The Id-Gate solution is designed to verify the access rights of company’s employees or visitors using biometric identification by face or in conjunction with traditional material identifiers.

When the user comes into the entrance area, the installed cameras/scanners take a picture of the face, then a biometric template is formed, which is compared for compliance with the data in the profile database, and according to the results of the check, the person is either allowed to enter the facility, or the system denies him access.

This read-made functional software product was created by a team of professionals who already had experience in installing and configuring biometric algorithms from various manufacturers. We also understand the problems faced by companies when implementing systems for identifying employees and visitors to facilities. Therefore, from the very beginning of the Id-Gate development, the entire necessary set of facial biometrics functions was implemented to avoid such common problems as errors accumulating in the code and compromises from combining various business functions.

One of the main advantages of Id-Gate is that it is installed in addition to the existing customer’s access control system, allowing you to expand the functionality of any ACS. As a rule, each vendor has its ACS management system, which is usually not compatible with the systems of other developers. And ACS of different manufacturers can be used at the customer's facility to ensure security. This is not a problem for Id-Gate, since the solution can work with the ACS of different vendors at the same time, which eliminates the need for its additional modification to ensure compatibility of the product with the company's systems.

The range of ACS developers on the world market is quite wide, even if you do not consider the numerous OEM software suppliers. As for ACS systems, the recognized technological leaders of the global market include Bosch, Honeywell, Lenel, Schneider Electric. 

For deep integration with Bosch Building Integration System, Honeywell Pro-Watch, Lenel OnGuard, Schneider Electric Security Expert, RecFaces has created adapters that can be installed in a few clicks, allowing you to exchange a wide range of data between systems in real-time.

There are also many terminals on the Android operating systems on the market. RecFaces has chosen its own path by developing a universal application for Android systems to ensure the compatibility of the solution with such devices. It does not take much time and high qualifications to deploy this solution. It is enough to simply install the application and connect a terminal that meets the technical requirements to the Id-Gate server and perform some simple settings. You will receive recommendations on choosing a terminal by sending an e-mail request to

Competition in the biometric market is high, but the technological niche of facial biometrics has appeared relatively recently and there are no uniform standards for such systems yet. When it comes to the speed and accuracy, RecFaces’ Id-Gate software provides the identification process in less than a second with an accuracy of 99.999994.

It is quite obvious that each vendor is guided by its own strategy in the biometrics market. Someone does not supply ready-made solutions in general, someone provides recognition based on the SaaS model (software as a service). RecFaces provides boxed solutions with ready-made understandable business functions, as well as a pricing scheme that is transparent to partners and customers. Hence, customers can independently choose a suitable solution and even install it using the installer in 20 minutes. As a result, they get an ACS with functionality enriched with all the biometric features based on facial recognition.

When implementing a project, RecFaces adheres to a single contract execution procedure. At the initial stage, the partners prepare the project, then coordinate it with the customer, after which the ready-made solution is installed. The company provides informational and technological support to the partner at any stage.

If the customer needs to add additional functions to the installed system, then Id-Gate has everything necessary to personalize the solution — a functional API and detailed documentation. Therefore, it will not be difficult for an integrator with the programmers to code a software module for data exchange between terminals and the Id-Gate system. In case of difficulties, the RecFaces team will help the integrator and the customer to solve them.

Id-Gate was originally created exactly as an independent addition to any ACS to expand its capabilities through biometrics using facial recognition technology. It turned out to be a smart solution that, without significant additional investment, allows companies to implement face recognition, increasing the reliability of identified passages, as well as the throughput of turnstiles. Although the triggering speed of facial recognition in combination with the use of RFID card readers will be lower, but considering the loss of time for searching and presenting the card, as a result, identification with facial recognition wins in terms of total speed.

When it comes to choosing a biometric system, first of all, the client is interested in the accuracy and speed of recognition. But if we talk about real conditions, when installing the system on-site, many factors affect these parameters. The reliability and scalability of the Id-Gate solution are provided by the core architecture. The accuracy of recognition of the algorithm used is confirmed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of the USA (NIST). As a result, the Id-Gate accuracy index is achieved in the range of 99.999, and the speed depends not only on the algorithms but also on the client's hardware. The client can check all the features of working in real conditions at an existing facility by using our free demo version of Id-Gate.

RecFaces solutions cover different market segments such as transport security, membership control to enter fitness centers and marketing research at sales outlets. Id-Gate aims at improving security in access control zones for sensitive sites. The most important projects with Id-Gate include business centers, offices, banks, industrial facilities, and many more. The Id-Gate solution is used worldwide.

All systems were installed by RecFaces partners. Since most of the projects primarily involve security, the company prefers not to disclose the details of the projects, as well as partners and customers.

The values of RecFaces and the principles of software development always adhere to the legislation, so biometric data should be processed, stored, and transmitted only in secure and legal ways. To provide employees and visitors with access using facial recognition, the consent for processing is signed, personal data is collected from employees and visitors. Servers for processing and storage are installed on the territory of the Operator (Controller and/or Processor in the EU), with increased measures to protect the infrastructure from any unauthorized access to personal data. The solution provides separate storage of encrypted personal data and biometric profiles and transmission via an encrypted channel inside the software product itself. As a result, if the partner and the end-user do everything according to the recommendations provided, then they have no problems with the legislation.

The RecFaces team is now improving Id-Gate. We are working on increasing the number of integrations, improving user interfaces to meet customer needs, as well as improving data transfer mechanisms within the solution. RecFaces is always working to make biometrics more convenient, simple, and applicable to users worldwide. For those who want to know more about the features of RecFaces products, RecFaces carries out free webinars consisting of several parts: theory and practice. More information about them can be found at this link

You can get a free demo for 3 months to test the solution in your environment by contacting us via

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