Ready-made biometric solution Id-Guard

Id-Guard from RecFaces is software for video surveillance systems that instantly recognizes people in a video stream by their faces. The system compares images with profiles in the database and instantly sends notifications of security violations to responsible authorities. Moreover, Id-Guard offers functionality to manage stop lists and monitor the movements of suspicious individuals.
Facial Recognition at the Airport in Peru

Based on the client’s preferences, notifications can be delivered both to the Id-Guard interface and third-party information systems, as well as via SMS, email, and mobile application. At the same time, security officers exclusively receive notifications pertaining to the events under their responsibility. With Id-Guard, security personnel can identify visitors and employees in real time, manage archives, investigate incidents, and monitor the wearing of masks.

Id-Guard is a boxed solution that has a number of ready-to-use integrations, and thanks to the open API, it easily integrates with major Video Management Systems (VMS). Installation of the software takes only 20 minutes. At the same time, Id-Guard complies with information storage standards. The AI used in RecFaces software is included in the list of Top-5 face recognition algorithms made by NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology).

The number of video sources connected to this facial recognition system varies and depends on the type of license that the customer chooses. The customer can further increase the number of video streams or expand the biometric database.


Work on the project and the solution

Airports are high-security facilities that require special attention and experience from organizations implementing solutions in such locations. Despite the huge size of the facility and the application’s scope, the RecFaces team successfully implemented the solution within a year and a half, spanning from demo installation to the project completion.

Airport representatives got a demo license. Upon request, RecFaces provides those interested with a free, fully functional demo for 3 months with the ability to connect up to 3 cameras and create a database comprising biometric profiles of 1000 people. Before installing the solution at the Peru airport, both the customer and the integrator received detailed guidance from RecFaces technical specialists concerning the architecture, appropriate camera positioning, and the acquisition and installation of equipment for optimal functioning of the security systems.

Once the biometric software was installed, communication between the customer and the company persisted. The RecFaces team regularly provides the client with technical support in case of problems or questions related to the security or functioning of Id-Guard. RecFaces also promptly notifies the client about system updates, assists in their installation, and conducts additional training after each new release. All these opportunities are available to customers as part of the technical support certificate.

The main requirement from the airport representatives was to manage stop lists and maps. Security staff had to be able to quickly respond to incidents and instantly identify people from the database in real time. After installing the solution, employees were able to create different lists. Tracking movement trajectories made it possible to monitor the flow of people at the entrances and exits of the airport.

Key advantages

The Id-Guard facial recognition software was installed at the facility in integration with Pelco VideoXpert. The installation was carried out in a short time due to the fact that RecFaces provides boxed solutions that do not require programming and debugging.

Clients often assume that custom solutions are the preferred choice, tailored to the customer’s specific needs. In fact, ready-made biometric solutions like Id-Guard have a number of advantages over them.

  1. First of all, RecFaces uses only proven technical and algorithmic solutions in its products, drawing from their successful implementation in similar scenarios. This aspect holds particular significance for security systems, where any error can disrupt the entire infrastructure.
  2. In addition, RecFaces software is ready to use and does not require development costs. These products are becoming the preferred choice for companies across sectors looking for cost-effective and reliable solutions to elevate their security infrastructure.
  3. Moreover, the RecFaces team trains the client’s employees when implementing the facial recognition system, provides support in working with biometrics, and holds regular webinars for anybody interested in learning how RecFaces solutions work.


RecFaces biometric software has enhanced security at Jorge Chávez International Airport in Peru, empowering security officers to instantly identify people in traffic, manage stop lists and watch lists, track suspicious individuals on maps, and promptly respond to incidents. Thanks to the seamless integration of the solution with the VideoXpert video surveillance system, security officials were able to work with the unified archive of video and biometric data.

The installation of the Id-Guard solution at the airport in Peru stands as a prominent example of the company’s work with transport infrastructure facilities, proving its expertise and the reliability of its solutions.