Ready-made biometric solution Id-Guard

Id-Guard is a box software product that allows you to expand the functions of the classic video surveillance system and increase the level of security at the site by identifying persons in the video stream. The installation of the solution takes no more than 20 minutes, so that the customer’s specialists do not need to have deep specialized knowledge and skills to deploy the solution, just follow the simple step-by-step installation procedure described in the Administrator guide.

Seamless integration allows the operator to work quickly and easily in the familiar VMS Pelco VideoXpert interface.

Id-Guard software product screenshots
Id-Guard software product screenshots

When a person is detected in the surveillance area, Id-Guard identifies him or her by face. If the presence of a subject in a specific zone is undesirable, the system automatically notifies security officers about it through SMS, messengers, e-mail or through a mobile application on the Android platform. To investigate incidents, Id-Guard provides long-term storage of biometric data with the ability to search for people quickly in the archive by photo, video or verbal description of facial features, for example, a beard or glasses. The storage architecture is optimized for the rational use of disk space. So, 50 million identification facts take only 1 TB, and the search for incidents takes no more than 10 seconds.

Crowded buildings and infrastructure are one of the most promising areas for implementing Id-Guard. Face recognition allows you to make the work of the security services of such locations more coordinated and effective. The functionality of the lists allows you to zone the object, record the appearance of unwanted persons in a specific zone, create routes of their movement with high accuracy and promptly respond to violations.

Project development and solution

The “mask regime”, which extends to public places in Saudi Arabia, has led to a number of difficulties with facial recognition. In order to organize a high-quality and operational modernization of the video surveillance and identification system, the customer contacted the vendor for professional advice. To realize the full potential of an algorithm that uses only a small part of a face that is not hidden by a mask for recognition, RecFaces has taken a number of consulting steps to optimize the solution design of the system and additionally configure surveillance cameras. All the necessary data were transferred remotely and the work on the configuration change itself was carried out by the integrator company.

Customer also gained access not only to consulting but also technical support by RecFaces. To train system operators and technicians, as well as to familiarize themselves with updates and to enlarge Id-Guard functionality, the customer used online courses and training programs developed by the RecFaces team

The main advantages

Using the software biometric solution Id-Guard, the security service of the Saudi Arabia State Institution can in real time identify among visitors and employees people from the list of unwanted to admission to the facility, or wanted by the country’s authorities for crimes. To notify employees of the appearance of such people, the system uses automatic alerts, including through the tablet and phone application developed by RecFaces as part of integration with VMS Pelco VideoXpert.

The facts of each appearance of absolutely all visitors to the office of the State Institution are stored in the archive with a search function by photo, video or verbal description. The archive interface allows you to rank episodes with a specific visitor by date, time and location. If necessary, you can track the trajectory of movements of the person of interest through the territory of the institution.


Id-Guard constantly analyzes the video stream from cameras in the office of the State Institution, providing regular control to maintain security at the facility. The proportion of false positives is 0.0001%, or one case per million facial recognition episodes. And the wide capabilities of the system to notify the security personnel of the office ensure effective coordination of their actions and the speed of response to incidents. Saudi State Institution employees and visitors can be assured of their safety.

As part of the project, an Id-Gate solution has already been installed at the checkpoint in test mode at the site to increase the throughput of input groups using biometric identification. Through the software module for face recognition, a command is issued to activate the camera relay, which opens the barrier upon identification of the employee’s face and opens access for the car to enter the territory of the Saudi State Institution.

The solution allows you to provide safety and convenience, while maintaining the relevance of the trend of contactless identification of visitors to the facility and speeding up the process of entering the territory.