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RecFaces provides biometric identification of passengers

RecFaces provides biometric identification of passengers

RecFaces provided biometric identification of passengers at one of the largest airports in Africa

RecFaces together with Pelco implemented a project to introduce biometric identification of passengers at the Nairobi International Airport. VxFaces recognition module developed by RecFaces will allow the security service to receive information about wanted airport visitors in a matter of minutes.

VxFaces  — a face biometric identification solution that is fully integrated with Pelco VideoXpert VMS, supplementing the basic system capabilities CCTV with a wide range of biometric functions. Due to the deep integration of VxFaces running VideoXpert, biometric functions are integrated in the form of operator interfaces and Pelco VideoXpert settings, which greatly simplifies the operation of the solution.

The aim of introducing biometric identification of passengers would increase the level of security the airport, as well as timely data on detection of wanted persons. The total project implementation period, taking into account the purchase of equipment, was only 3 months. Installing, debugging, and running the software took 4 business days.

«The introduction of face recognition technologies at Nairobi Airport is not the first international RecFaces project related to security at the facility. VxFaces is a completely ready-to-use and intuitive tool that has proven itself in the global market. In the first month of using VxFaces, the customer was able to evaluate the effectiveness of biometric technologies for security. After the pandemic, it is planned to implement the second phase of the project and to equip the facility. Airport biometrics is just one example. Today, many countries are implementing national roadmaps in this direction. And this approach is justified: biometric identification is one of the most effective ways to prevent various incidents and ensure the safety of passengers», said Tamara Morozova, CEO of RecFaces.

The main effect of the introduction of VxFaces at Nairobi Airport was the reduction in the time spent on analyzing the video stream. Before the introduction of automatic biometric identification, the operator had to spend several hours watching the video. Thanks to VxFaces, the security service instantly receives a notification about the detection of a wanted person in a video, it takes a couple of minutes to find data about the history of his movement around the airport. The introduction of biometric identification has significantly expanded the ability of the airport security service to investigate incidents quickly.

«Together with RecFaces, we worked on several different interagency projects in Kenya, including a security project for the Nairobi International Airport. RecFaces is our primary partner in biometric recognition. We see the potential for joint further cooperation both in the international arena and on the Russian market», said Alexander Lisyutin, Pelco Director for Russia and EurAsEC.

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport is Kenya's largest aviation facility, the busiest airport in East Africa and is one of the ten busiest airports on the continent: it serves more than 7 million passengers annually. Nairobi Airport was the first Kenyan air infrastructure to introduce face recognition technology. In total, the project plans to equip biometric identification technologies for another four airports in the country.
Airport biometric identification can also be used to solve other problems, for example, to automate the distribution of passenger traffic. The face recognition system can optimize the registration procedure for the flight, passport control of passengers and boarding through special biometric terminals. In order to transfer your biometric data to the airline, it is enough for the passenger to upload a photo when buying a ticket or to be identified with an offline purchase.
About Companies:

RecFaces is a Russian company developing application solutions for enterprise-class multimodal biometric identification, adapted to the specifics, current and future needs of companies in various industries. RecFaces offers ready-made software products for solving specific tasks of the banking sector, retail trade, tourism industry, sports facilities, restaurant business and government institutions.

Pelco is an American company, one of the pioneers in the field of CCTV systems, creating and improving its solutions since 1957. Pelco is a recognized global leader in the design, development and manufacture of intelligent video surveillance solutions, including CCTV cameras, video management and recording systems, and security software.