Software product biometric facial identification for security purposes with using video stream
Software product for enriching the biometric capabilities of access control systems
Software product that uses biometric identification to display personalized welcome messages on interactive screens and monitors
Software product developed to expand functions of the traditional credit conveyor, and increase the quality of clients’ inspection through biometric verification
Specially designed biometric identification plugin for CCTV, access control and VideoXpert automation systems created by Pelco
Reliable and trustworthy biometric control access to operating and information systems
Software product that provides reliable staff monitoring hours through biometric identification
Software product that provides biometric access to banking operations conducted through ATMs
Software product that provides an increased level of targeting by employing biometric identification
Software product that provides a reliable and quick check of the gym clients access right without employee’s participation
Software product, which expands the toolset of the electronic queue terminal through biometric identification
A new level of work with visitors and employees of Business centers opened with the help of biometric products
Biometrics for convenient service to citizens, including remote monitoring of the quality of personnel work
Biometric monitoring of working hours and additional security tools for industrial facilities
Modern methods of biometric analytics for safe operation of sports facilities
Convenient and secure transport solutions based on the digital identity of the passenger
Biometric solutions for a new level of security and interaction with visitors
Biometric video Analytics for targeted marketing and personnel control in distributed networks
Biometric products for proctoring and video surveillance systems in educational institutions
Keyless biometric access to rooms, targeted approach to each client and information about the time of work for employees
Necessary tool for the security and competitiveness of a modern Bank
Improving the level of security, speed of investigations and timely prevention of illegal acts in the urban public space
Customer-oriented solutions, acceleration of the work process of the registry area, control of the staff of the entire institution
RecFaces makes facial biometrics simple and applicable. We provide a wide range of ready-made biometric solutions for businesses to upgrade their security and technological efficiency.
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We go east. RecFaces participated in CommunicAsia online exhibition

We go east. RecFaces participated in CommunicAsia online exhibition

Singapore, 29 September — 1 October 2020 — RecFaces company has taken part in the CommunicAsia online exhibition. The event provided companies with an interactive exhibition hall, online conference sessions, and AI business matching. Featuring over 220 speakers, the exhibition covered all the latest trends within the Telecom, Media, and Technology (TMT) space.
RecFaces’ virtual stand drew the attention of international IT-companies. The virtual exhibition was also visited by RecFaces partners in the Asia-Pacific region. As networking is key to any success, RecFaces is proud to exchange expertise and the latest development in biometry technology. Now online conferences are just another modern tool for building connections with various companies around the world.

RecFaces’ Partner manager Evgeniia Marina has also made a presentation about the key tasks that biometry can improve in the modern companies’ IT landscape. During the presentation the information on biometric trends and forecasts gathered from a new comprehensive report «Global Contactless Biometrics Technology Market 2020—2026» has been shared. «The Global Contactless Biometrics Technology Market size is expected to reach $18.6 billion by 2026, rising at a market growth of 19.1% CAGR during the forecast period. The development and acceptance of contactless biometric technologies have been driven by demand for faster and easier authentication processes and boosted by demand generated by the COVID-19 pandemic».

RecFaces’ team has demonstrated RecFaces ready-made solutions that can cope with real business tasks. For instance, Id-Guard biometric solution for facial recognition in the video stream can enrich the current VMS system of any company thanks to Id-Guard's open integration with external systems via the API. This tool of prompt reaction makes security work way more effective. Furthermore, apart from being contactless, the Id-Guard's algorithm recent update ensures the most accurate recognition of people in masks.

Speaking about other relevant business tasks, it is important to mention that the new circumstances have forced many companies to work remotely. Now they face a crucial task of making access to their information systems as secure as possible so that a third-party couldn't log in to their corporate internal network. Our new ready-made Id-Logon solution provides secure biometric authentication of users in various corporate information systems. Plus, many companies seek to increase the security of access control systems. Id-Gate solution provides the two-factor identification of access rights using only contactless facial biometric identification or using it in conjuncture with traditional passes.

Since RecFaces company focuses on international sales and vigorously develops cooperation with partners, RecFaces solutions have already been implemented in Latin America, Australia, Africa, Russia.

If you are interested in these solutions or want to undergo training and expand your business with biometric products please get in touch with us via or leave a request on our website.

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