Un producto de software que proporciona identificación biométrica facial a través de un flujo de vídeo
Producto de software para enriquecer las capacidades biométricas de los sistemas de control de acceso
Software para la producción el contenido multimedia personalizado
Un producto de software que proporciona identificación biométrica facial a través de un flujo de vídeo
Un producto de software que proporciona identificación biométrica facial a través de un flujo de vídeo
Producto de software, que amplía las oportunidades del terminal de cola electrónica a través de la identificación biométrica
Un producto de software que proporciona una supervisión fiable de las horas de trabajo de los empleados mediante la identificación biométrica
Producto de software, que proporciona un control de acceso biométrico al quirófano o a los sistemas de información
Es un producto de software que proporciona un mayor nivel de orientación al cliente por medio de la identificación biométrica
Producto de software que proporciona una verificación confiable y rápida del derecho del cliente
Un nuevo nivel de trabajo con los visitantes y empleados de los centros de negocios abierto con la ayuda de productos biométricos
Biometría para un servicio conveniente a los ciudadanos, incluida la vigilancia a distancia de la calidad del trabajo del personal
Vigilancia biométrica de las horas de trabajo y herramientas de seguridad adicionales para las instalaciones industriales
Métodos modernos de análisis biométrico para el funcionamiento seguro de las instalaciones deportivas
Soluciones de transporte convenientes y seguras basadas en la identidad digital del pasajero
Soluciones biométricas para un nuevo nivel de seguridad e interacción con los visitantes
Analítica de vídeo biométrica para el marketing dirigido y el control de personal en redes de distribución
Productos biométricos para sistemas de vigilancia y video vigilancia en instituciones educativas
Acceso biométrico sin llave a las habitaciones, acercamiento dirigido a cada cliente e información fiable sobre el tiempo de trabajo de los empleados
Herramienta necesaria para la seguridad y la competitividad de un banco moderno
Mejorar el nivel de seguridad, celeridad de las investigaciones y prevención oportuna de actos ilícitos en el espacio público urbano
Soluciones orientadas al cliente, aceleración del proceso de trabajo del área de registro, control del personal de toda la institución
La biometría facial se vuelve simple y utilizable con RecFaces. Brindamos a las empresas una gama de soluciones biométricas listas para usar para mejorar su seguridad y capacidad de fabricación.
Estamos listos para la cooperación y las ventas a través de la red de socios. Para obtener asesoramiento sobre su proyecto, póngase en contacto con nosotros por correo electrónico sales@recfaces.com
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Biometrics for business: RecFaces brings ready-made biometric solutions to the Russian market

Biometrics for business: RecFaces brings ready-made biometric solutions to the Russian market

RecFaces Company launches on the Russian market a line of complete solutions created for the demanded tasks of all sectors of the economy. The high quality of RecFaces solutions has already been appreciated by a number of Customers not only in Russia but also abroad.

Today the line of Solutions is represented by such products as — Id-Guard, Id-Welcome, Id-Check, VxFaces, Id-Target and Id-Fit, based on the multimodal Id-Me platform, which allows create a unified biometric landscape of the organization to solve a wide range of tasks.

Id-Guard — biometric identification using a face image to increase the security level of the object of protection. The solution connects the video streams of the CCTV cameras, after downloading the photo file cabinets and assigning the “list” attribute, the solution instantly informs the operator about recognized or unrecognized persons, membership in the lists, saves all detected images of persons for subsequent automated investigation of security incidents.

VxFaces — a face biometric identification solution that is fully integrated with VMS Pelco VideoXpert, supplementing the basic system capabilities CCTV with a wide range of biometric functions. Due to the deep integration of VxFaces running VideoXpert, biometric functions are integrated in the form of operator interfaces and Pelco VideoXpert settings, which greatly simplifies the operation of the solution and introduces new features.

Id-Fit — a specialized solution to prevent the transfer of a fitness center client’s bracelet to a third party, optimize the work of staff. The solution has a limited set of interaction functions with access control systems and CRM systems specific to the fitness industry.

Id-Check — a solution for verification and verification of identity using biometric data of bank customers and financial structures. A set of pre-configured checks on the face image and the document image allows you to minimize the amount of fraudulent activity in obtaining credit funds, as well as inform the underwriter about an attempt to apply for a person’s service from the “stop list”. The capabilities of quick and easy integration into the «credit conveyor» and mobile applications can increase the security of operations and avoid losses due to the biometric authentication factor.

Id-Welcome — a solution aimed at displaying personalized content in text, picture or video format displayed on multimedia screens after biometric identification of a person who came into view of the camera. The solution allows you to download content from third-party systems, such as CRM or HR.

Id-Target allows you to make personalized online interaction with a client / visitor of any type of store, covering needs blocks of sales, marketing and security. In the standard configuration, there are functions necessary for personalized UpSale, counting unique and repeat visitors, tools to combat fraud and implement cardless loyalty programs.

Each solution was created with the participation of interested representatives of the Customer from various industries and represents a complete functional software product, with its own interface, a set of functions, notifications and reports necessary for a business task, a wide list of open API functions for organizing information exchange with third-party systems of the Customer, and also a classic installer, which allows you to easily and simply install the system to the user, in a time not exceeding 20 minutes and start using it.
Sales of RecFaces solutions will be built on the classic vendor model through an affiliate network. Direct sale of RecFaces solutions to end customers is not covered by company policy.

«RecFaces plans not only to build an extensive affiliate network, but also to actively develop a competence center through which it will transmit a knowledge base, product demos to partners, Partner Training Cycles on a regular basis. The amount of knowledge that we share with our partners allows us to independently support sales, install and maintain our solutions — all this ultimately will increase the availability, simplicity and value of the solutions offered by RecFaces», said Tamara Morozova, CEO.

One of RecFaces' priority projects is cooperation with the American company Pelco, which is one of the founders of CCTV security systems and a recognized world leader in this field, creating and improving its solutions since 1957. A specially developed facial identification solution — VxFaces, in collaboration with Pelco's specialists, made it possible to supplement the wide capabilities of the VideoXpert video surveillance system with modern biometric functions. A collaboration with Pelco experts, which began in 2018, allowed us to create an enterprise-class solution, to develop a model of effective support for Pelco partners at different stages of the project, from clarifying needs to updating deployed systems in different regions of the world.

«Since its inception, RecFaces has focused mainly on creating products and solutions that will be in demand in foreign markets. Talk about biometric solutions has been going on for a long time, but many are afraid of long integration projects with unobvious results. We felt the demand and interest of customers in the availability of technology, and most importantly the need for ready-made and finished functionality. During this time, we have implemented several successful competitive cases for customers from Brazil, Kenya, Peru and other countries. Now, especially in the context of changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, we see many opportunities for the application of our developments. Contactless identification, remote confirmation of identity is not a hypothetical future, it is our present. We offer the market ready-made, tested and understandable tools and are confident that they will be in demand», said Tamara Morozova, CEO.

Biometrics is developing at a tremendous pace, both in terms of improving technology and in terms of the availability of their application in different areas of life. And if a few years ago the main consumer of biometric technologies was the public sector (security, migration, tourism), then now they are actively used in banks, industry, and retail. According to analysts of MarketsandMarkets, the average annual growth in the biometrics market will be 14, 6%, and its total volume will exceed $ 65 billion by 2024.