Id-Me platform is a software product that includes the features of industry solutions for creating a united biometric landscape
Specially designed biometric identification plugin for CCTV, access control and VideoXpert automation systems created by Pelco
Software product that provides reliable staff monitoring hours through biometric identification
Software product that provides biometric access to banking operations conducted through ATMs
Software product biometric facial identification for security purposes with using video stream
Reliable and credible biometric access control system to a site
Software product that provides an increased level of targeting by employing biometric identification
Software product that uses biometric identification to display personalized welcome messages on interactive screens and monitors
Software product developed to expand functions of the traditional credit conveyor, and increase the quality of clients’ inspection through biometric verification
Reliable and trustworthy biometric control access to operating and information systems
Software product, which expands the toolset of the electronic queue terminal through biometric identification
Software product that provides a reliable and quick check of the gym clients access right without employee’s participation

Public Institutions

The government strives to create a comfortable urban environment. RecFaces facial recognition technologies allow you to identify offenders instantly, locate them, and collect arrays of «Big data».
The use of biometrics in public institutions:
  • Control access to the object
  • Government employees time attendance
  • Improve safety in cities
  • Improve safety in preschools, schools, and colleges
  • Simplify the procedure for obtaining a repeated pass to the object
Public Institutions

The introduction of biometrics in public institutions will improve the quality of service to citizens, respond to incidents in a timely manner, and identify violations.

The “Smart City” strategy is becoming more and more popular. With biometrics detection procedure is greatly simplified and unwanted intruders elements, and determining dangerous situations by analyzing the video stream and comparison to different databases (internal database company database police, etc.).

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