Recfaces in English | Benefits of the service
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Benefits of partnership
with RecFaces

A personalized business and individual communication solutions are strong competitive advantages in today’s information environment.

We opened
up an opportunity
to recognize your clients.


⌵ Target group analysis
Point of customer attraction

Gathering statistics about your customer’s routs and visits. You can manage your data and watch the real behavior of your clients: points of interests, problem areas, daily and season variables, etc.

⌵ Preferences
Integration with CRM system

Face identification helps to find out customer’s gender and age, to analyze how customer behavior influences their purchases. You should only integrate RecFaces system into your CRM-system.

⌵ Personalisation
Identify your VIP client

The system notifies you about coming of VIP customer and provides any important information for you about him and his preferences (Name, last visit, etc.)

⌵ Content marketing
Media targeting

The system identifies a customer watching media content so you can place targeted advertisements based on interests and order histories.


⌵ Face verification
99% of Identification/matching

High degree of verification is provided by NIST. In 99% cases a face is identified automatically.

⌵ Anti-Fraud service
Attention! Persona non grata!

Security is notified when a person from blacklist visits you.

⌵ Blacklist Database
Access to information from Cloud

You have access to database of law violators who committed offences in different places. Therefore, thanks to additional information traffic the database is much bigger.

⌵ Against insider threat
Biometric employee authorization

Working in specially protected areas or with confidential data an employee must be verified/authorized by showing a face. This will help to protect information and will be an additional dicsipline factor.


⌵ Hours worked
Who is late?

RecFaces automates time and attendance system. An employer will have full control of employees working hours. The system records when an employee starts and stops work, who comes in late and tracks meal periods and breaks.

⌵ Motivation
Reasons for rewards and penalties

Our service gives an opportunity to keep statistics and analyze the sample videos on the work of the staff service photo filters by the employee only those records where there is this man. HR-Department always knows how many hours an employee spends on work and it can evaluate professional level.

⌵ Keep the rules
Workplace violations!

A dishonest employee will get to the blacklist.

Financial benefits


What is profit?
⌵ Payback period
No big investments

There is no need to invest a lump sum of money to a centralized computing infrastructure, its maintenance and expensive licenses of video analysis.

Our service helps to reduce losses

Control and prevention of frauds which cause direct and indirect damage

⌵ Cost saving
Minimal risk

If you don’t need the service any more the size of investments is minimal and the devices can be used for video monitoring.

It is easy to install yourself

One-time placement of a set of peripheral equipment.

⌵ Special conditions
Individual connection

We offer individual promotion conditions for peripheral facilities