Recfaces in English | Biometric security systems for banking
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A fraud with a fake credit card can withdraw money of your clients from ATM. Only for 2013 in Russia banks’ losses were 104,1 million euro.


A system
detects a violator

RecFaces ATM security system instantly detects a person attempting to withdraw money. If this person doesn’t match the credit card holder’s photo the system blocks cash withdrawal. There is no need in additional devices.

Additional protection
of your clients’ money
and saving the bank reputation.


To reduce credit
default ratio

Amid financial crises credit default risks grow. According to different estimates by 2014 credit default ratio was about 16,2%. How to tell the difference between an honest debtor and a fraud?


Personal identity
verification database

RecFaces offers a means to use face data to identify a client on the same basis as passport data. Instant database and blacklist check helps to estimate a client’s credit reputation. RecFaces algorithm detects a mismatch between photos immediately. If a borrower commits a fraud biometric data can be an undoubted evidence for law enforcement.

Visual verification
of a borrower is an effective way
to reduce risks.


How to protect online bank accounts
from unauthorized access

According to unofficial statistics in Russia about 60-70 online bank accounts are hacked daily. How to make internet banking service not only convenient but also safe?



Face recognition system protects bank application from online thieves.
The only requirement is that mobile phones and tablets must be equipped with a camera. Thus, only a client of internet banking service and only after webcam authorization will get an access to his account.

RecFaces helps to tackle hackers and to increase trust in online banking.


To stop data leakage

The steal of private information by bank employees takes the first place (32%) among all the threats of information security.


Biometric authorization
of employees

Working with private client information an employee must be authorized by showing a face. In case of integration RecFaces with DLP-system thief won’t go further than reception.

It is a way to protect information
and to discipline personnel.


Make it easier
to carry out banking operations

Providing clearing and settlement services banks always require ID cards. How to ease the process of identification and avoid document fraud?


Face Identification

RecFaces offers to carry out any bank operation by means of face identification. This will shorten time for providing services to a customer and will improve identity verification.

This is a case when simplification of a procedure reduces risks.


How to reinforce
customer loyalty

According to Profi Online Research Russian people place the highest value on bank’s reliability.


is a criterion
of bank’s reliability.

Please imagine that a bank manager offers a customer to register biometric data to protect personal information and demonstrates how RecFaces service works. A customer gets an access to a safe deposit box or to ATM and along with this associates the bank brand with future technologies.

RecFaces demonstrates concern over security of financial information and shows bank’s advanced technologies.



How to understand how and why purchase decisions are made?


Understanding the needs
of a customer

RecFaces’ solution gives an opportunity to identify each customer entering an office. Intergration into CRM allows an employee to know not only customer’s name but also his/her bank and customer history.

Each customer has a long history.
Use this information for targeted sales.


Improve your
employee’s productivity

Visual analysis gives the answer how employees spend their time at work and how they obey the rules and regulations.


Automated time
tracking system

RecFaces automates the system for keeping track of employees’ work times. The system records when an employee starts and stops work, who comes in late, tracks meal periods and breaks, misconduct in office.

Management team and human resources department have exact information regarding/about employees’ productivity.


Access Control

Most banks have their own access control systems. But how make sure that someone unauthorized won’t use employee’s ID card.



The system matches someone’s face with the photo of an employee’s ID card. It is possible to enter the restricted area only after the system’s approval. The guard post receives an instant message if a person doesn’t match the photo.

The bank is safe from unauthorized peoples’ entry to the restricted area.