Recfaces in English | Individual attention to guests of the hotel
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To increase the rate
of guests satisfaction

According to statistics 57% of guests come back to the hotel if the rate of their satisfaction was high. On an average among VIP-clients this rate is lower although it is VIP-clients who make 90% of the hotel profit.


an important

RecFaces identifies an important and/or loyal client and informs about it. An employee can offer an exclusive service as he/she knows a client, his/her preferences and order history. Additional bonus for loyal clients is instant check-in by means of biometric data.

Understand and surprise important clients

In future it is possible to get access to suits by face verification. It is enough to install cameras at the entrance.


Deal with
problem clients

Not all the hotel guests are polite and calm. Some are aggressive, they vandalize furniture and put up a fight. How to minimize the number of problem guests?


Bad guests’

If a guest is aggressive and disturbs other guests the system detects it and put his/her biometric data to the blacklist. Next time the administrator will get notification and a client can’t even book online.

Problem guests can’t spoil other people’s holidays.


Prevent theft

Room invasion robbery is a blow to the hotel reputation. RecFaces allows not only to detect a crime but also to react in time and to identify a thief.


of a thief

Using cameras in a lobby RecFaces system identifies everyone who comes into a suite and who comes out. You always know who was in the room – hotel maid, a guest or someone authorized. A guard post instantly receives notification about unplanned visit.

Instant and objective verification of a thief


To control
the quality
of services

How to maintain the quality of services on a high level? How do the employees perform their duties and how much are they attentive and polite?


The employees know
that they are under
the supervision

RecFaces allows to gather statistics and to analyze employees’ performance by video selections. The system finds videos only with the chosen employee and when disputable situation happens there is always an evidence if the employee violated a regulation or not.

Clear video control is a good addition to the quality management system


time management

Working 24 hours per day it is important to make an exact schedule for employees. RecFaces offers simple and reasonable way to maintain records of hours worked.


of hours

The system records the beginning and the end of an employee shift and gathers statistics. If there are any schedule conflicts HR-department have objective data to correct it.

Keep the workplace running like clockwork.