Recfaces in English | Control of the work time
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for work
with employee

The system of visual analytics will help to build transparent business processes and discipline employees. All service opportunities shown in the example with specific cases of application.


To increase process efficiency

Visual analytics gives the answer to questions how staff spends work time and are regulations compiled.


Automated time
tracking system

RecFaces system automates time tracking of personnel. For each employee service collects statistics with accurate information about arrival and departure time, the time spent in the workplace, breaks, amusement.

HR people have accurate data
on the performance and workload of staff.



How to evaluate the performance of the employee and make the system of financial rewards? Biometric identification of the staff gives the opportunity to collect objective data on time and the quality of the staff.


under supervision

RecFaces allows you to keep statistics and analyze the sample videos on the work of the staff – service photo filters by the employee only those records where there is this man. With RecFaces HR Department knows exactly how the employee did change and how professionally in high school, for example, a disgruntled client.

Video analysis of staff is objective
justification of penalties and rewards.


Control access
of personnel

How be sure that ID wasn’t used by outsiders if you have premises with limited access?


of employee

The system verifies a person with a photo of the holder ID-card. To enter the restricted area only in case of identification is positive. When you mismatch the personality of the guard post gets an instant notification.

Access control prevents property theft
and leakage of secret information.