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To understand
consumer behavior

About 79% of Russian people make a purchase spontaneously, directly in the trading area. RecFaces offers a new way to study consumer behavior by means of video analytics and Big Data.


Factors affecting
purchasing behavior

RecFaces uses store’s cameras to analyze customers’ routes. You can gather statistics and watch the real behavior of your customers: points of attraction, problem areas, night day and season variables, etc.

The ability to link consumer behavior with a purchase history of a particular client.

Face identification helps to find out customer’s sex and age and to analyze how customer behavior influences their purchases. You should only integrate RecFaces system into your CRM-system.


To shorten long lines
at the cash register

We all hate staying in a long line waiting for a register to become available. Taking into account service time and financial expenses self-checkout counters are more effective than register’s work. But they are not still popular in Russia. RecFaces offers solutions to all these problems.


Cash register
visual control

Even now video analytics helps to control automatically lines at the register counter. The system detects long lines and sends information that it is necessary to open new cash registers. If using self-checkout counters biometric identification is a means of prevention of shoplifting and vandalism. Recognition of loyal customers speed up service and increase loyalty.

Even now RecFaces optimizes cash register performance and makes it easier to replace cash registers with self-checkout machines.


Build relationships
on a long-term basis

According to Pareto principle “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients”. RecFaces helps to build close relationships with important customers.


To recognize
an important

The system informed a salesclerk about coming of an important customer when he/she enters the store. You always know your clients, their product purchase history and preferences. It is especially valuable for luxury segment.

A loyal customer appreciates individual attention.



How can you target your offline advertising?


The content
for the audience

The system identifies a client looking at the multimedia screen. If it is a loyal client he/she watch ads based on his/her preferences and purchasing habits.

Show ads in the right place at the right time.

If the system can’t identify customers and their preferences they watch ads based on age and sex.



According to Russian statistics theft losses can reach 3% of total turnover. How to minimize the ratio?



Shoplifters are divided into 2 types: “amateurs” and “professionals”. Amateurs shoplift one time but professionals do it on a regular basis. RecFaces allows to create a customer blacklist database and use it for data exchange. If once a shoplifter was seized he/she can never visit the store: while entering the notification system will inform about undesirable person.


RecFaces reduces risks of repeated shoplifting and puts psychological barriers for amateurs.


Detect employees’

48% of all theft are committed by store’s employees. The most popular scheme is to take products from the store room. How to reduce retail employees’ violations?


Monitoring of working premises

It is enough to install RecFaces system at the working premises. If an unauthorized employee enters the store room the system instantly informs about it.

Monitoring of working premises is a disciplinary factor for employees.


the personnel

How to evaluate an employee performance and to plan compensation and benefits? Personnel biometric identification gives an opportunity to gather objective data about employees’ working hours and performance.


of working hours

The system records when an employee starts and stops work, his/her performance during the working hours. Then it is possible to analyze an employee’s quality of work. HR-Department always knows how many hours an employee spends on work and it can evaluate professional level.

Video analysis of personnel performance is an objective reason for rewards and penalties