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A biometric software product for increasing the level of security at the facility during video surveillance
A biometric software product for biometric identity verification in access control and management systems
A biometric software product for displaying personalized media content
A biometric software product with facial recognition for reliable identity check
A biometric software product with facial recognition that expands the electronic queue systems with personalized services for visitors
A software product that provides simple and reliable working time and attendance by identifying faces using tablets, IP cameras, or terminals
A biometric software product with robust user authentication for unlocking a device or gaining access to operating systems or apps
A biometric software product with facial recognition that provides enhanced communication with clients
A biometric software product that provides a reliable and quick check of the gym clients access right without employee’s participation
A new level of work with visitors and employees of Business centers opened with the help of biometric products
Biometrics for convenient service to citizens, including remote monitoring of the quality of personnel work
Biometric monitoring of working hours and additional security tools for industrial facilities
Modern methods of biometric analytics for safe operation of sports facilities
Convenient and secure transport solutions based on the digital identity of the passenger
Biometric solutions for a new level of security and interaction with visitors
Biometric video Analytics for targeted marketing and personnel control in distributed networks
Biometric products for proctoring and video surveillance systems in educational institutions
Keyless biometric access to rooms, targeted approach to each client and information about the time of work for employees
Necessary tool for the security and competitiveness of a modern Bank
Improving the level of security, speed of investigations and timely prevention of illegal acts in the urban public space
Customer-oriented solutions, acceleration of the work process of the registry area, control of the staff of the entire institution
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A biometric software product with facial recognition that provides enhanced communication with clients

The system is designed to improve the quality of service for visitors to a salon or store by collecting information about them based on images obtained from cameras.



For the correct functioning of the System, the following minimum equipment is required:

  1. Server
  2. Client computer
  3. Monitor
  4. Camera (as)

Additionally, you can use the application for a mobile device.

A detailed description of the recommended characteristics of the equipment is indicated below.


The system consists of the following components:

  1. Id-Target Core – the server part of the system, consisting of separate services, including the System settings interface, recognition algorithms, database and reports;
  2. Id-Target (Desktop) application – part of the system responsible for interacting with Id-Welcome Core and displaying information about visitors on a client PC;
  3. Id-Target (Mobile) application – part of the system responsible for interacting with Id-Welcome Core and displaying information about visitors on a client mobile device;
  4. Tracker-is an application that processes the video stream from the camera for face recognition.

It is recommended to install the System components as follows:

  1. Server: Id-Target Core + Tracker
  2. Client computer: Id-Target application (Desktop)
  3. Client mobile device: Id-Target (Mobile)


The system is developed using the following programming languages and software:

  • Golang
  • C#
  • Angular
  • RabbitMQ
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis

Id-Target Core includes the following services

Service Description Port
RabbitMQ Service providing work with data queues 15672
Nginx Web server and mail proxy 80, 443, 23231
PostgreSQL Free Object Relational Database Management System (DBMS) 5432
Redis NoSQL Open Source Database Management System 6379
IdMe-backup-client-server-api System data backup service 11506
IdMe-logging-server-api Service logging service 11508
IdMe-mas-server-settings The main purpose of the service is to store and send configuration to modules. This service is always launched first of the services. In case of service start error, the system will not start 11102
IdMe-mas-server-api Management service providing an API for processing data about devices, applications, cameras 11101
IdMe-mfs-server-api Storage and photo management service 11300
IdMe-mfs-server-thumbnail Service for working with thumbnails of file storage photos 11301
IdMe-mfs-server-url Service responsible for processing image requests by URL 11302
IdMe-mkv-server-admin User Interface for System Administration Module 11500
IdMe-mkv-server-api The service contains API methods for working with the main system functionality 11501
IdMe-mkv-server-auth Authorization service in the system by entering login and password 11502
IdMe-mkv-server-report Service responsible for creating reports. Includes reports by gender and age, visits 11084
IdMe-mkv-server-ws Back-end for a WebSocket client application 11503
IdMe-mkv-report-id-target Service that implements work with system report settings 8959
IdMe-mkv-server-url-shortener URL Shortening Service 11092
IdMe-mkv-scheduler-api Scheduled tasks service 11910
IdMe-modi-image-worker Photo processing service (crop / resize, etc) 11700
IdMe-modi-server-api Discrete image service 11701
Services for obtaining information about the person in the photo 11701-11704
IdMe-monitoring-server-windows СService for monitoring the status of running services of the System  
IdMe-mrp-matching The service that provides face recognition in the images provided 11806
IdMe-mrp-server-api СA service that provides an API for processing data when working with streaming video 11800
IdMe-mrp-server-broker Service for managing the queue of requests to comparison algorithms 11821
IdMe-ms-server-filecache The service provides file caching 11900
IdMe-support-server-api Monitoring service that allows you to work with metrics and desktops 11091
IdMe-mmpd Detection process manager module 11600
IdMe-mu-server-api Notification Service  

One of the server requirements for installing the Id-Me Target Core software package is the absence on the server of the software specified in the table above and the presence of free ports indicated in the table.



It is recommended to install Id-Target Core and Tracker on the server, but it is also possible to install all three components on the server. Server characteristics directly depend on the number of cameras processed by the system. An approximate calculation for the most common values is presented in the table below.

Number of cameras CPU (Core) RAM (GB) HDD (GB) SSD (GB)
1 camera 5 16 600 300
2 cameras 6 16 700 300
3 cameras 8 16 700 300
5 cameras 20 24 800 300
7 cameras 14 24 900 300
10 cameras 18 40 1000 300

Supported operating systems:
• Windows 10Pro (х64 (2004 and later: according to the deadline for the end of support for the operating systems);
• Windows Server 2016/2019 and later.
The account (login/password) (including for a remote user) must remain unchanged throughout the installation. The account (login/password) must allow upgrading privileges to Administrator if necessary


It is recommended that you install the Id-Target application on the client device. The requirements for it are presented in Table:

Component Configuration
Operating system Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and higher
Processor (CPU) At least 3.2 GHz (2 processors)
At least 2MB L2 cache or similar performance (for each Intel XEON 3.0 Ghz processor core)
Hard disk (available disk space) 100 Gb HDD
Random access memory (RAM) 4 Gb

The account (login / password) (including for the remote user) must remain unchanged throughout the installation. Account (login / password) should allow to increase privileges to the Administrator if necessary.

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