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A biometric software product for reliable facial recognition during video surveillance
A biometric software product to enhance access control systems with facial recognition
A biometric software product for displaying personalized media content
A biometric software product with facial recognition for reliable identity check
A biometric software product with facial recognition that expands the electronic queue systems with personalized services for visitors
A biometric software product with facial recognition for accurate work time tracking
A biometric software product with robust user authentication for unlocking a device or gaining access to operating systems or apps
A biometric software product with facial recognition that provides enhanced communication with clients
A biometric software product that provides a reliable and quick check of the gym clients access right without employee’s participation
A new level of work with visitors and employees of Business centers opened with the help of biometric products
Biometrics for convenient service to citizens, including remote monitoring of the quality of personnel work
Biometric monitoring of working hours and additional security tools for industrial facilities
Modern methods of biometric analytics for safe operation of sports facilities
Convenient and secure transport solutions based on the digital identity of the passenger
Biometric solutions for a new level of security and interaction with visitors
Biometric video Analytics for targeted marketing and personnel control in distributed networks
Biometric products for proctoring and video surveillance systems in educational institutions
Keyless biometric access to rooms, targeted approach to each client and information about the time of work for employees
Necessary tool for the security and competitiveness of a modern Bank
Improving the level of security, speed of investigations and timely prevention of illegal acts in the urban public space
Customer-oriented solutions, acceleration of the work process of the registry area, control of the staff of the entire institution
RecFaces makes facial biometrics simple and applicable. We provide a wide range of ready-made biometric solutions for businesses to upgrade their security and technological efficiency.
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Biometric software product to verify the identity of the person

Id-Check – universal solution with flexible set of rules for biometric verification of a person’s identity by photo for credit institutions, border control services or owners of distant service channels

  • 5 basic biometric verifications
  • 1 check – saves 5 minutes of teller time
  • Fast installation in 20 minutes


Less than 1 min.
for authentic photo or passport verification
3 photos
is enough for perfect control
5 basic
biometric checks to confirm identity
20 min.
to install the solution using the installer
Over 200
of installed installations around the world
< 10 sec.
search for a person of interest in 20 million records
Over 100
aligned operator and administrator functions
built-in privacy protection compliance mechanisms

What the Id-Check user gets:

All options for reliable face and/or passport verification:

quick profile base filling TOOLS to put the solution into operation;

NATIVE interfaces for integration into application software or mobile applications;

5 BASIC biometric verifications, as well as their possible combinations for reliable identification;

BIOMETRY in a mobile app to improve convenience and security of access to remote services;

AUTOMATIC notifications to operators or security services about compromise attempts;

Convenient API for integration with third-party systems or embedding biometrics into mobile applications;

How it works?

The need for a solution
Selection of cameras and equipment
Installing the solution using the installer
Loading data
Operation of the solution
20 minutes
to install Id-Check

DEMO license

A free demo license is provided for 3 months to experience all the functionality of the solution at your facility

For a demo, please fill out a request or contact our team at

how we improved our Id-Check product

Identification algorithms are getting better

We are continuously improving Id-Check and our other solutions, making recognition systems more accurate and faster. Each release contains new functional and technological capabilities that make the user experience even more convenient and efficient.

Software updates and technical support are provided as part of a certificate of support.


The solution includes ready-made modules for seamless integration with document recognition systems and automatically takes the client’s textual information from the scanned copy of the ID card, reducing the chance of operator error when entering manually


The sophisticated interface provides quick and easy user access to all functions and features of the solution from operational mode to fine-tuning technology settings, ensuring high efficiency in the use of new biometric capabilities

The main advantages of this function are:

Quick access to all functions

Flexible customizable check scenarios


The solution with a smart interface is based on the web technologies, which allows you to integrate individual Id-Check windows into the interfaces of the organization’s software or mobile applications without programming

The main advantages of this function are:

Easy integration without programming

Flexible access rights settings


The solution provides intuitive tools for importing photos and information about people to package the profile database and quickly put the system into operation, as well as exporting profile data for use in other systems

The main advantages of this function are:

Batch filling of the profile database

Fast solution commissioning


The presence of a role model allows you to configure flexibly access rights to various objects and functions in the solution in accordance with existing security policies

Depending on the role model, the event notification system can be flexibly configured for the fast response to security incidents

The main advantages of this function are:

Role-based notifications

Independent notification delivery channels


To control the quality of operators’ work when performing significant actions and transactions, such as: profile changes, verification confirmations and administrative actions, the solution provides a mechanism for detailed logging of all actions

The main advantages of this function are:

Operator quality control

Detailed log of all data changes


During the operation, the solution operates only with biometric templates to perform identification operations. Reverse conversion of biometric template to employee photo image is impossible

Data exchange in the solution is carried out using encrypted transmission protocols – https and wss

The main advantages of this function are:

Compliance with secure coding standards

Providing a high level of security

Technologies that work for you

  • Id-Check is a universal tool with a flexible set of rules for fast and reliable biometric confirmation of a person’s identity from a photo image

  • The solution can be used as a standalone product, or deeply integrated with our customers’ existing streaming-optimized systems

  • The solution has an elaborate API for easy connection to the client’s complex systems by embedding verification mechanics in mobile applications

Licensing policy

Id-Check is a ready-made software product and is distributed through the transfer of electronic license keys to the database of persons (the core of the system), as well as to the source of obtaining biometric data (camera at the operator’s workplace)

Technical support certificate includes analysis of incidents of solution operation and regular software updates

Profile database
Technical support
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