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Face recognition apps you might like to try in 2021

Best Face Recognition Apps for Android and IOS |RecFaces

Over the last decade, there has been a boom in the facial recognition industry — biometric authentication and identification technologies are being incorporated into solutions in virtually every niche. Facial recognition has pervaded our daily life, which is especially apparent in the huge number of smartphone apps that use facial biometric software.

Some are used for entertainment, others for genetic evaluations, and still more for mobile banking: the possibilities are endless. With so many choices available on Google Play and in the Apple Store, how can you know which ones are worth trying out? Read on to learn all about our favorite facial recognition apps on the market.

What Is a Facial Recognition App?
How Do Face Recognition Apps Work?
Top Face Recognition Apps
Luxand (Android, IOS)
TrueKey (Android, IOS)
Railer (Android, IOS)
MojiPop (Android, IOS)
Log Me (Android, IOS)
IObit Applock (Android)
FacePhi (Android, IOS)
FaceFirst (Android, IOS)
FaceApp (Android, IOS)
Face2Gene (Android, IOS)
DigiPass (Android, IOS)
Blippar (Android, IOS)
BioID (Android, IOS)
Applock (Android)
Who Uses Face Recognition Apps?
Education Facilities
Retail Stores and Supermarkets
Marketing Agencies
Social Media
Bonus: Entertaining Apps That Use Face Recognition
Facial Recognition Apps FAQ
How do I use Google's face recognition?
How do facial recognition apps work?
What is a simple facial recognition application?
Are there any face recognition apps for Android?
Are there any face recognition apps for iOS?
Do any facial recognition apps have an API?

What Is a Facial Recognition App?

Before we dive into the top face recognition apps, we want to give you a quick rundown of what exactly facial recognition is and how it works in an app. Biometric technology assesses an individual’s physical or behavioral characteristics — one of which is their facial features. A deep learning algorithm captures and analyzes a face and then compares it to a stored face print contained in the system’s database.

Facial recognition apps can identify faces by analyzing video frames, close-ups, or distance photos. The program identifies certain points, or nodes, of a person’s face. The nodes, along with skin surface analysis and 3D face mapping, are used to determine a face’s features.

Characteristics such as the width of the nose, the shape of the cheekbones, or even the depth of the eye sockets may be analyzed. The system uses these features to create a digital image and store it as a template, which can be used for identification and verification purposes later on. However, the accuracy and the quality of the software will have a drastic impact on the effectiveness of its application.

The facial recognition market has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years and is anticipated to continue doing so: the latest projection expects it to grow to $7 billion in 2024, as compared to $3.2 billion in 2019. For more information on the current state of the facial recognition market, check out our related article.

How Do Face Recognition Apps Work?

In the simplest terms, a face recognition app follows these steps when identifying a human face:

  1. The application captures a picture of your face from a video or an image.
  2. The application reads your facial geometry.
  3. Your facial reading is compared to a database of face prints.
  4. The software recognizes your face print, and you gain access to the system.

Of course, there are also some apps that are used for entertainment purposes rather than security. For instance, some may read your facial geometry and then adjust it to show you how you would look older, younger, or as the opposite gender.

For a less bare-bones explanation of how face recognition technology works, check out our post on the topic.

Top Face Recognition Apps

Luxand (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationFacial memorization and recognition
DeveloperLuxand, Inc.
Distinctive FeaturesMemorizes faces for future reference
Software can detect 70 different facial features
Recognizes faces in live streams
AdvantagesGreat facial APKs
Users can add names to photos
Users can experiment with changing an avatar’s characteristics
DesignLoaded with features and a gallery is available to easily access stored face prints
Speed of Face RecognitionRealtime, as fast as 0.00154 seconds
AccuracyHighly accurate; true acceptance rate of 99.83%
PriceFree trial, then $9 — $499/month
Bugs/ConsDoesn’t work with the rear camera

TrueKey (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationPassword management and protection
DeveloperMcAfee Security
Distinctive FeaturesPasswords are securely stored
MFA is the standard, and you can add even more factors
Main AdvantagesAfter logging in, all apps that need a password will be synchronized
AES-256 encryption
DesignApplauded for its easy-to-use design
Speed of Face RecognitionNearly instant
AccuracyFalse positive data is not published
PriceFree for 15 passwords
$19.99/year for unlimited passwords
Bugs/ConsNo apparent bugs, but one disadvantage is the lack of options for multiple users

Railer (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationStudent and employee attendance
Distinctive FeaturesLeave management
Time attendance for HR teams
Kiosk mode and self-check-in/checkout are available
Face recognition lets employees log in and out quickly
Main AdvantagesAttendance and leaves are seamlessly integrated
Detailed reports and analytics are available
Speed of Face RecognitionReal-time; exact speed stats are not published
AccuracyPublished accuracy of 99.7%
PriceFree for up to 3 users
$40 — $400 for paid plans
Bugs/ConsSome users believe the app needs too many permissions

MojiPop (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationCustomized avatars
DeveloperEureka Studios
Distinctive FeaturesAvailable in 58 languages
Create an avatar based on a selfie
Change your avatar’s expression, hairstyle, mood, and background
Main AdvantagesQuick and easy to use
Convert avatar stickers to different file formats
Thousands of new types of animated stickers are released every day
DesignFun, colorful design full of customizable options
Speed of Face RecognitionNearly instant
AccuracyThe app is used for entertainment purposes, rather than facial recognition — therefore, there is no false positive data released
PriceFree version
Premium costs $5.99/month or $29.99/year
Bugs/ConsUsers can’t delete existing avatars

Log Me (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationOnline photo directory
DeveloperNew Life AI
Distinctive FeaturesRecognizes faces in photos and pulls up their social media accounts
You can connect with people you may know through facial identification
Main AdvantagesCan extract multiple faces from a photo
You can access images that are uploaded to your social media accounts
DesignSimple design with large, labeled icons
Speed of Face RecognitionNearly instant
AccuracyNo accuracy information is published; however, some Google Play reviews claim that the results are inaccurate
Bugs/ConsYou can’t delete photos from the app
Some people have difficulties registering for an account

IObit Applock (Android)

Type of ApplicationDevice security
DeveloperIObit Applock Team
Distinctive FeaturesUnlock your apps via face recognition or fingerprint authentication
Liveness detection feature
When somebody attempts to unlock your device, the app emails you a photo of them
Main AdvantagesAI and deep learning are combined to give users a highly accurate experience
You can add fake covers and disguise the lock-screen
DesignUser-friendly and feature-rich
Speed of Face RecognitionAccording to reviews, very fast
AccuracyNo accuracy stats are published, but the app has great reviews
PriceFree with ads or one-time $2.99 cost for the premium version
Bugs/ConsSometimes, users pay for the premium version and still get ads

FacePhi (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationBanking
DeveloperTres Tristes Tigres
Distinctive FeaturesIdentity can be verified by PIN, ID number, or a card, after which a facial scan is requested
All mobile banking services can be accessed after verification
Main AdvantagesVery reputable app that is publicly tradable on Euronext
Over 10 million people use their solutions
Eye biometrics solution lets users approve transactions instantaneously
DesignSophisticated and sleek design
Speed of Face RecognitionUltra high-speed
Accuracy99% accuracy
PriceCorporate-oriented app with customized prices
Bugs/ConsSome issues with older iPhone models ever since iOS 13 was implemented

FaceFirst (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationFacial identification and security from afar
Distinctive FeaturesYou can take a photograph of somebody from a distance, and the app will notify you if they are on a watchlist
Security alerts are routed to relevant people
Email and text alerts can be sent to organizations
Main AdvantagesFast notifications
Data encryption
Works as a standalone solution, but it can also be integrated into a company’s existing biometric platform
DesignUnappealing UI
Speed of Face RecognitionUltra-fast
AccuracyExceptional accuracy at up to 100 feet
Works even when beards, scarves, sunglasses, or hats are included in the photo
PriceFree for end-users
Bugs/ConsThe iOS app has different functionalities from the Android one

FaceApp (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationEntertainment
DeveloperFaceApp Inc.
Distinctive FeaturesAI-based styling functions
Users can change their background easily
Change your facial features, such as your smile, your gender, or your age
Main AdvantagesPlenty of cosmetic features and filters
Professional quality results
DesignExcellent in-app navigation
Speed of Face RecognitionThe app alters your facial features in real-time
AccuracyAccuracy is irrelevant, as FaceApp does not identify or authenticate faces
PriceBasic features are free
Ad-free version for $4.99/month or $29.99/year
Bugs/ConsFaceApp has privacy issues that have made the app fairly controversial

Face2Gene (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationHealthcare
Distinctive FeaturesDiscovers genetic abnormalities
Special communities can be created for health care practitioners
Users receive feedback on their cases
Main AdvantagesMany syndromes are available for detection
On par with a doctor’s diagnosis
DesignSome difficulties with navigation and UI
Speed of Face RecognitionMuch faster than making a diagnosis in-person
Accuracy91% accuracy
Bugs/ConsOnly healthcare professionals can use Face2Gene

DigiPass (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationMobile enterprise security
Distinctive FeaturesSecures devices from malware attacks using fingerprint and facial recognition
Users can scan a QR code from a website they’d like to use (Step 1 of 2FA) and then scan their face (Step 2 of 2FA)
Main AdvantagesFraud protection
Advanced biometrics to validate identity for transactions
DesignVery simple, clean design
Speed of Face RecognitionNearly instantaneous
AccuracyNo metrics are published; however, Digipass won the 2018 Cybersecurity Excellence Award
PriceFree for end-users
Bugs/ConsSome users get an internal error “4067” and are unable to register

Blippar (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationEducational
Distinctive FeaturesScan everyday objects to learn about them
Create AR face profiles and customize them to display your mood
Main AdvantagesYou can use the app to scan a product that has Blippar’s logo on it
DesignPoorly designed UI
Speed of Face RecognitionIt doesn’t recognize your face, but it does have a database of nearly 400,000 celebrities
AccuracyWhile it’s easy to scan objects, there are some reviews of results being inaccurate
Bugs/ConsLogin bugs hamper user experience

BioID (Android, IOS)

Type of ApplicationMulti-factor user authentication
Distinctive FeaturesLiveness detection feature
Periocular eye recognition is used for faces that are only partially visible
Main AdvantagesCompanies and developers can integrate this into their own mobile platform
End users can use it to log into any website or application that supports the BioID app
DesignSimple to use and user-friendly support
Speed of Face RecognitionNo metrics are published
Accuracy97% to 99% accuracy
Bugs/ConsDemo is very limited
Some users have issues passing the liveness check

Applock (Android)

Type of ApplicationVoice unlocking
Distinctive FeaturesFace and voice recognition are combined to unlock your device’s apps in a seamless manner
You can create a backup verification method if your face or voice are abnormally affected (for instance, if you are sick)
Main AdvantagesChoose which apps you want to lock
Enrollment is easy and fast
Works offline
DesignFun, interactive user interface
Speed of Face RecognitionMetrics aren’t published
AccuracyMetrics aren’t published, but most user reviews seem satisfied with the accuracy
PriceFree with ads
$2.99 for the PRO version
Bugs/ConsSome privacy issues

Who Uses Face Recognition Apps?

Face recognition apps are becoming more popular in a variety of industries — for a comprehensive breakdown, read our article “What Is Facial Recognition Used For?”


People who come and go into airports can be monitored by airport security with the assistance of face recognition systems. This can identify travelers who have expired visas or who may be under criminal investigation.

Education Facilities

Attendance apps allow teachers to keep track of students who are skipping classes or hiring people to take tests for them. Such solutions let universities maintain their integrity.

Retail Stores and Supermarkets

Such places can combine facial recognition with surveillance cameras in order to scan shoppers’ faces and prevent shoplifting.

Marketing Agencies

Marketing agencies can use facial applications to target people based on their ethnicity, gender, or age and match them with relevant products.

Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook can recognize faces in uploaded photos — users can tag those faces, and the photo will show up on the people’s profiles.


Doctors can use face recognition apps to help identify genetic abnormalities. For instance, the Face2Gene app discussed earlier has over 17,000 genetic disorders in their database.

Bonus: Entertaining Apps That Use Face Recognition

There are many apps that use facial recognition for purely entertainment purposes. With these, you can turn yourself into a customizable avatar, see what your ethnicity might be, or change your facial characteristics. Such apps include:

  • Snapchat: Send filtered and customized photos to friends. These photos disappear after they are viewed.
  • Animoji: Create 3D emojis that take your facial expressions into account.
  • EmoticonAR for Messenger: The app recognizes your emotion in a photo of your face and turns it into an accurate emoticon.
  • My Heritage: The app’s advanced face recognition algorithms give users insight into their possible genealogy.
  • Gradient: Scan your face and see what celebrities you look like!


Face recognition technology is here to stay. There are a huge number of apps in the Apple Store and Google Play that have integrated facial recognition technology — and, as you can see, nearly every industry can benefit from using these solutions. Banking, device unlocking, genetic disorder identification, and entertainment: these are just a few of the most common kinds of facial recognition apps on the market. If you use any of our recommended apps, let us know!

Facial Recognition Apps FAQ

How do I use Google's face recognition?

Use your Android device to open your Google Photos app. Sign in to your account and tap the search bar at the top of the app. Under the list of recent searches, there will be a row of faces — tap a face to see photos associated with them.

How do facial recognition apps work?

Facial recognition apps scan many points or “nodes” of a person’s face and then compares the user’s facial geometry to a stored template. If it’s a match, the user is verified and gains access to the restricted zone.

What is a simple facial recognition application?

Some facial recognition applications don’t need to identify or authenticate users’ faces, as they were developed for purely entertainment purposes. For instance, Animoji just creates emojis based on your facial expression.

Are there any face recognition apps for Android?

Yes, some popular ones include Luxand, Blippar, Face2Gene, FaceApp, and Applock.

Are there any face recognition apps for iOS?

Yes, some popular ones include BioID, DigiPass, FaceFirst, FacePhi, and Log Me.

Do any facial recognition apps have an API?

Yes, plenty of apps do. Take, for instance, Luxand. It has facial recognition, avatar, e-card, baby prediction, aging, zombie, and face enhancement APIS.

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