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RecFaces and Bosch reported on the integration of the Id-Gate biometric solution with the Bosch Building Integration System

Integration of the Id-Gate biometric solution with the Bosch. — RecFaces

RecFaces and Bosch reported on the integration of the Id-Gate biometric solution with the Bosch Building Integration System. The implementation of the joint project took only 30 days.

This was made possible thanks to the open API of the Id-Gate solution and the set of tools of the Bosch Building Integration System, which ensures its integration with third-party applications using flexible standards and development packages (SDKs).

The implementation of the Id-Gate and BIS joint project allows one to use the advantages of the two products in order to reduce access time and increase the security of restricted areas and facilities.

The Id-Gate software product is designed to improve the functionality of access control and management systems using facial recognition technology. With its help, one can add new biometric capabilities to existing access control systems that increase the security of an object or part of it.

Using biometric terminals with face recognition technology, the Id-Gate solution allows to increase the confidence level of information about the passage of employees and visitors through the guarding point, promptly notifying the security service about violations of the access and site security regulations.

With the help of Id-Gate, one can organize various modes of passage for employees and visitors: from quick crossing of the guarding point in the identification mode without using cards, to multi-factor authentication using cards and biometric identity confirmation. Id-Gate supports different types of additional identifiers: RFID, NFC and QR codes. When Id-Gate is integrated with the access control system, all access policies and rules are automatically applied to the new biometric features. In addition, thanks to the automatic data exchange, information about users can be edited in real time.

In addition to Bosch Building Integration Systems, the Id-Gate solution is also integrated with Schneider Electric Security Expert, Honeywell PRO-Watch, Lenel OnGuard, dormakaba Exos 9300 and Sigur systems. And this list of access control systems integrated with Id-Gate is constantly expanding.

Id-Gate supports connection to several access control and management systems. The solution has a separate modern, graphical interface, having a number of advantages compared to analogues of other companies.

In particular, Id-Gate allows to increase the efficiency and speed of identification of employees and visitors, also to provide automated control of wearing masks by employees and visitors of the enterprise, and measurement of their temperature.

The solution automatically generates reports on detected access violations in the case of several people following an authorized employee of the company without the appropriate access level.

As for the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS), this solution is used to manage various security subsystems from Bosch, such as access control, video surveillance, fire alarm systems, warning systems or protection against illegal entry, using a single platform.

The integration of Id-Gate with BIS not only provides comfortable access to the object, but also increases security at the enterprise as a whole, allowing you to control both input groups and zones with special secrecy requirements, server, as well as objects where special protection and multi-factor authentication are required (an ACS card together with face identification, etc.).

“Contactless interaction is becoming the norm absolutely everywhere — from retail stores to industrial buildings. The integration of Building Integration System 4.8 with the biometric solution Id-Gate RecFaces has its own uniqueness, specifically, the ability to work with various types of access control terminals. The integration is performed at the API level, so regardless of the type and models of terminals, when controlling access to an object, Id-Gate will record a person's biometric data and transfer it to the Building Integration System. BIS, in turn, will compare the data obtained from the Id-Gate with the reference photos of a person in the database and provide access (in case of a match of the data about the person) through the Building Integration System Access Engine and the Bosch Access Modular Controller (AMC2)”, said in an interview with CNews resource Sergey Kiselyov, business development manager at Bosch Security and Safety Systems.

“This partnership will provide an opportunity to offer an additional convenient and functional solution to those companies that already use hardware and software from Bosch. We started integration with access control, because today there are already projects where Id-Gate is actively working with access control from Bosch. We are considering integration with Bosch VMS as the next stage,” said Tamara Morozova, CEO of RecFaces.

The new joint product of RecFaces and Bosch is already being used in large companies and in international projects.

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