Project tasks

  • Improving the safety of passengers and station staff by introducing face recognition technology into the work of video surveillance systems
  • Creation of a user-friendly junk list management system that will increase the efficiency of the station’s security service and speed up the response to incidents
  • Increasing the speed of investigation of security incidents through the use of a biometric archive
  • Enable deep integration of face recognition system with Pelco VideoXpert VMS

Business benefits

  • The ability to use biometric identification to use a wide range of tasks: collecting analytics on station workload, controlling passengers wearing masks, promptly investigating incidents, etc.
  • Easy installation and operation of a ready-made biometric solution
  • Regular product updates and expansion of their functionality
  • Technical support from the developer and the possibility of convenient remote training of video system operators and technicians using free training courses for customers
  • Scalability: the number of video cameras to connect with biometric identification is not limited
  • Analytics of the gender and age composition of passengers for advertising messages

Ready biometric solution Id-Guard

Id-Guard is a software for video surveillance and security systems that enriches the classic functionality of systems with face recognition in video streams. Being a ready-made software solution, the product is integrated with the equipment of most of the world’s leading manufacturers of video surveillance systems. Software installation takes only 20 minutes.

When an undesirable person is detected in the surveillance zone, the system automatically notifies security personnel about this via sms, instant messengers, e-mail mailings or a mobile application running on Android. To investigate incidents, Id-Guard provides a long-term archive with the function of intelligently searching for a stranger by photo. Using it, you can easily eliminate the problem of data storage, because 50 million pass facts take up only 1 TB of disk space.

Transport systems are one of the most promising areas for Id-Guard implementation. Facial recognition helps making the work of the security services of transport facilities more efficient and faster. Thanks to the convenient work with “undesirable lists”, employees can quickly respond to the appearance of a potentially dangerous person on the territory of the facility. At the same time, equipping transport hubs with face recognition technology has a number of difficulties due to the nuances of installing and configuring cameras. Therefore, when implementing this project with biometric identification, the assistance of the developer company was required.

Project work and solution

The decision to implement facial recognition technology at Chong-Nonsi Skytrain Station was taken by the Bangkok Transport Infrastructure Authority. A ready-made Id-Guard software solution integrated with the VMS Pelco VideoXpert video management system was introduced into the work of the station. At the preparation stage, RecFaces assisted the customer in developing the design of the architecture of the video surveillance system and choosing the best locations for installing equipment. At the testing stage, the integrator performed the necessary additional adjustment of the system and camera configuration for the most efficient operation of the face recognition algorithm.

The customer also got access to RecFaces technical support. To train video surveillance system operators and technical specialists, as well as to get acquainted with updates and extensions of the functionality of the software solution, the customer took advantage of free courses and training programs developed by the RecFaces team.

The remote format of cooperation did not prevent RecFaces from providing the client with full support at all stages of the project: from competent advice on equipment placement to optimization of system settings and camera configuration. In the future, the customer will also be able to count on comprehensive support from the developer, including for getting acquainted with updates and new features of the software solution.

Key Benefits

With the help of the Id-Guard biometric software solution, station security officers can identify persons from the list of wanted or unwanted persons in the passenger flow in real time. The system uses automatic alerts in the VxFaces interface and the VxFaces App for tablets and phones, developed by RecFaces as part of integration with the Pelco VideoXpert VMS, to notify employees of the appearance of a potential intruder.

Connecting CCTV cameras to Id-Guard also made it possible to expedite the search for criminals and the investigation of security incidents many times over. All the facts of the appearance of a particular person at the station are stored in an intuitive biometric archive interface and can be quickly ranked by date, time and place. If necessary, using a biometric archive, you can also track the trajectory of the movement of a person of interest around the station, and full-featured integration with the VideoXpert archive allows employees to immediately switch to playback of archived video from the moment an intruder appears.

If necessary, passenger face recognition can also be used to collect and analyze statistical data on passenger traffic at the station in different time periods. Based on the information received, it is possible to make decisions on optimizing the operating mode of the station and the train schedule.